Corporate Private Credit

Corporate Private Credit

We provide direct lending to small and middle market businesses to support acquisitions, recapitalizations, and growth financing.


We specialize in providing acquisition capital to lower middle market companies operating within various segments of the resources sector.

Loans to Funds

Arena provides GP loans, Fund loans and advances against fee streams to Private Equity, Venture Capital, Long/Short Hedge Funds, Credit Funds and other investment strategies which are non-dilutive solutions for situations that would otherwise require equity.

Structured Finance

Commercial &
Industrial Assets

We engage in commercial finance by lending against or purchasing contractually regulated streams of cash flows.


We purchase and service a wide range of special situation consumer obligations.

Real Estate

We seek opportunistic commercial mortgage lending and secondary market purchases of loans that are secured by transitional and other types of niche properties.

European Illiquids

We focus on asset acquisition, credit, and deep value opportunities within direct corporates, property, structured finance, special situations, and portfolios of various assets on a pan-European basis.

Asia-Pacific Illiquids

We offer flexible financing solutions across lending, asset purchases and the formation of aligned joint venture relationships in the Asia-Pacific region.

Corporate Securities

We focus on investment opportunities in global publicly traded companies across the capital structure.