Consumer Assets

Investment Size

$3M - $50M

Average Term

1-5 Years



Strategy Description

Through origination and acquisition of asset-based investments across a wide array of consumer asset types, Arena provides loans to specialty finance companies, originators and owners of consumer-related loans or assets, and invests directly in assets or securities via purchase on an opportunistic basis.

Specializing in off-the-run, stressed, distressed, illiquid and esoteric special situation transactions, Arena’s team has deep experience in developing and designing structures to meet the unique needs of the situation or asset.

Assets & Industries

  • Art
  • Autos, Auto Loans, Auto Leases, Auto Title Loans
  • Commission Payments
  • Consumer Charge-Offs
  • Consumer Installment Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Debt Settlement Loans
  • Entertainment Royalties
  • Insurance Products
  • Intellectual Property, Royalties
  • Jewelry, Gems, Precious Metals
  • Lease to Own Contracts
  • Legal Settlements, Annuity Payments
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Medical Receivables
  • Mortgages
  • Motorcycles, RVs, Boats, Yachts
  • Securities including Restricted Stock
  • Student Loans
  • Tax Liens, Tax Credits
  • Unsecured Consumer Loans

Investment Structures

  • Asset-based Loans
  • Revolving Credit Facilities
  • Senior & Mezzanine Term Loans
  • Receivable Factoring Purchases
  • Whole Loan Purchases
  • Asset Purchases
  • Joint Ventures

Collateral Types

  • Performing
  • Distressed
  • Non-Performing
  • Financial Instruments (e.g. loans and receivables)
  • Hard Assets (e.g. real estate, cars, boats, art)

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Consumer Assets