The Right Partner

Arena selectively enters into joint ventures with partners who can provide access to proprietary deal flow. The right joint venture partner has 1) unique sourcing capabilities that differentiate them from the rest of the market, 2) the expertise to guide due diligence and 3) understands situational nuances to help properly structure the investment.

Arena believes in the alignment of interests and seeks out joint venture partners who will be both strategically and financially aligned in each investment. While Arena may provide the majority of the capital required to execute on investments, we work together with our partners to ensure that we are making the best-informed and empirically-driven decisions.

The Opportunity Between an Operating Partner and Arena

Potential partners have deep expertise in a specific niche and regularly have access to industry insiders and potential borrowers. We have formed joint ventures with many types of experts, including other specialized investment funds, consulting agencies and industry veterans. Given our flexible mandate, we are able to come up with creative structures that mutually benefit all parties involved.